Conservation of Globally Endangered Chinese Pangolin Manis pentadactyla in Central Nepal

Donor                                      : Chicago Geological Society.
Started Date                        : 30 June, 2014
Research Consultants      : Indra Prasad Dahal,Prava Pandey, Prativa Kaspal.
Place                                     : Banthali, Kavre,Nepal, 50 KM Far.

Among the four species of pangolin found in Asia, Nepal homes two species: Chinese and Indian pangolin. Both are globally threatened species and are listed as Endangered in the IUCN's Red Data Book of Threatened Species. Though pangolins are considered to be unique and elusive mammals because of their appearance and habits and also bear significant cultural value in Hindu religion, they have received very little scientific attention. Notably, poaching remains a significant threat to pangolins and it is being accelerated by lack of awareness, poverty-stricken rural communities, illegal trade, forest exploitation and encroachments. Consequently, these threats have caused the survival of pangolins in peril. Despite of the international trade for commercial purposes being banned and national legislative measures being taken, illegal trade in pangolins, and their parts and derivatives continues to be widespread in and around the country. There is an urgent need of extensive research and conservation education campaigns to educate and aware local people for the continued survival of these unique creatures in wild.

Therefore, we aim to address above conservation issues on pangolins through extensive research to find out the potential pangolin hotspots through active community participation, conduct massive school and community education aware outreach programmes along with documentary telecast in different media. Main stakeholders will be local peoples and hunters, community-based organizations and local government.

This study will contribute in finding out baseline information such as its population density, habitat preferences, people's perception towards this species protection and threats to this elusive species. Furthermore, massive education and awareness programmes will enhance the knowledge and skills of local communities on various aspects on pangolin. We firmly believe that once the people know the importance of this species in their livelihood, they will start respecting and show their stewardship for its conservation.


Further Program Targeted for Future : Fishing Cat,Vulture.


Posted By
Indra Prasad Dhal
Nepal Rural Development and Environment Protection Council, Kathmandu,Nepal
Cell: +977 9851043164


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